e shtunë, 28 qershor 2008

Arrival of the "Red Arrows" by Guenter

Salute to All,

Today marked us being outsourced to our landlord, providing logistic support and enjoy ourselves in witnessing the arrival of the world renowned ambassadors for the Royal Air Force and British excellence, THE RED ARROWS. Their arrival was well organized, in my view, and enough docents were on hand to be placed around the ramp area, guarding the parking space for those aircraft. At sharp 1400 hours theirs imminent arrival was announced by Gary and all eyes looked south. An airport fly-by followed before they scrambled apart to enter into their landing spot. Eleven pure red aircraft then parked along the ramp. Logbooks were filled out first before leaving and they conquered the N. Atlantic via Iceland, Greenland and Canada with their last stop today in Quebec. They were made by BAE and have a range of about 1000 miles. The British left Long Island long ago and today they returned again in pride to celebrate their 90 years of the R.A.F. One disappointment for me was that none of the invited British veterans were from the R.A.F. during WWII, the big one. It seems the time has not stood still and changes are in place.Another day that our red-hats were of service to the public and history.